Feb2016 15

I had goosebumps ... #PunishervsDaredevil

Feb2016 14


Feb2016 09

So, if Bacon are Roses, what does that make Violets ?

Update (14/2): Here's mine :)

Saying Happy V-Day with Bacon Roses. #BBQ #happyvalentinesday

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Jan2016 26

<a href='http://starwars.ea.com/starwars/battlefront/news/star-wars-battlefront-the-road-ahead' title='Star Wars Battlefront' target='_blank'>Star Wars Battlefront</a>

Tomorrow, EA/DICE are adding more free content to the game for all Star Wars Battlefront players.

Click here for all the goodness.

Jan2016 26

Have a great day everybody ! I'm smoking a leg of lamb and chilling with some beers and the Top 20 DnB.

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