US National Hot Pepper Day

Feb2016 09

So, if Bacon are Roses, what does that make Violets ?

Update (14/2): Here's mine :)

Saying Happy V-Day with Bacon Roses. #BBQ #happyvalentinesday

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Jan2008 19


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{mosimage}Think YouTube for Gamers ...

Here's a video I made of some Timeshift action :)


It uses special software you download from their site to record. Pretty cool huh ?

May2007 25

Check out this filth game ...

Yes, I'm posting this from Tokyo, Japan from my newly acquired Sony VAIO VGN-UX71.

Dec2006 08

Aug2006 13

GTA Coke

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Check out this cool Coca Cola Ad that's got a nice twist on the GTA theme :)

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