Mar2015 06

A bit over 2 hours of some of the best Hospital Records tracks you'll ever hear. The first hour and a bit is a slice of Hospitality 2015 followed up in the second hour or so with an impromptu "back of the stack" selection of Hospital Classics.

** And yes I know, Mr L aka Jonny L isn't Hospital but I was feeling that tune at the time. It is a great track that never gets old.

Mar2015 04

Sneak peak of Vision, Banner and Natasha about to get it on and more kick ass action in trailer #3.

Feb2015 21

The latest in 2015 along with some cracking 2014 leftovers that were featured in the Top 20 DnB.

Feb2015 20


Bit of a mixture of tracks as there were a couple of tunes I really wanted to get into this mix, including some great mashups as well.

Click here to download/listen.

Feb2015 19

Who wouldn't want a robot that feeds them tomatoes ? Sounds like the best invention ever !

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