US National Vanilla Custard Day

Nov2014 28

The Crew launches 3rd December, 2014 ... can't wait.

Though I have to say, I keep thinking of "We be the crew..." by The Wiseguys.

Nov2014 27

Wish we could have done that today ... #boxwars

Nov2014 22

Going hard mainly with the sounds of Roni Size's Size Matters LP, Rockwell and S.P.Y's Back to Basics Chapter 2.

Nov2014 21

#InterstellarMarines 2 x Co-Op and SP maps, as well as brand new stealth options.

Nov2014 19

Back in February this year, Extra Credits did an excellent video on the phenomenon known as Simulation (or Simulator) Sickness. As a friend of mine recently got an Oculus Rift, and another has one in the mail, I tried it out and suffered from this reverse motion sickness, so I found this video to be very useful.

Should be interesting to see their follow-up video next year.

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