Mar2015 19

Marvel's latest TV spot for Avengers II makes this movie look so damn cool ... and did I see a magnetic cap shield ?!? Giddy.

Mar2015 15

I think the kids will eat this up ... at least it should be better than the last remake.

It was also great to hear Peter Dyneley (Jeff Tracy) do the countdown and it makes me want to listen to "Beat Dis" by Bomb the Bass.

Mar2015 06

A bit over 2 hours of some of the best Hospital Records tracks you'll ever hear. The first hour and a bit is a slice of Hospitality 2015 followed up in the second hour or so with an impromptu "back of the stack" selection of Hospital Classics.

** And yes I know, Mr L aka Jonny L isn't Hospital but I was feeling that tune at the time. It is a great track that never gets old.

Mar2015 04

Sneak peak of Vision, Banner and Natasha about to get it on and more kick ass action in trailer #3.

Feb2015 21

The latest in 2015 along with some cracking 2014 leftovers that were featured in the Top 20 DnB.

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