Aug2014 06

They're back for season 6. The Venture Brothers would have be to my favourite TV show ever with Home Movies and Mission Hill in second and third place.

I don't care how long they take, just as long as Titmouse just keeps making them.

Go Team Venture !

Aug2014 05

I use to love playing with the typewriter when I was a kid, so mechanical. I don't miss having to change the ribbon or when you made a mistake.

Aug2014 04

wooooo ... Chuck D is on the mic with the soulful Mavis Staples on vocals and a Chuck Brown beat. This track is wicked.

Aug2014 02

Ronan the Accuser from Guardians of the Galaxy, Green Goblin from Spider-Man, and Loki, God of Mischief from The Avengers have just been revealed as playable characters in the new Marvel Disney Infinity 2.0.

Jul2014 30

Check out the official video for Next Level by Bop, taken from his new LP - Punk's Not Dead (Med School Music)

It's not the best track, One Way to Mars is probably my favourite, however, it's the sampling of the Galaga extra ship music that makes it interesting. Nicely done.

Along with the LP, you can play the Bop 8bit (Unity Engine) video game - Bop's Quest.

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