Jan2008 23

Battlefield Heroes

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{mosimage}They're all the rage these days ... cartoon-style shooters and here's the latest installment, Battlefield Heroes.

Battlefield Heroes is a brand new "Play 4 Free" game from the EA/Dice (Stockholm) crowd that brought us Battlefield 1942 and Battlefield 2.

"It's a fun cartoon-style shooter which caters to players of all skill levels – easy to pick up and play, but with deep character development." It's scheduled for released as a free download in Winter (Southern Hemisphere) 2008."

Oct2007 29

Don't Cry(sis) For Me

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{mosimage}So, apparently the super, spectacular game blockbuster also known as the DirectX 10 showcase game, Crysis is out off beta testing and ready for public testing in demo form.

Having been rejected from the beta testing for not having a rig up to specs, even though EA didn't take my SLI *kachink* setup into consideration, this game is already bitter for me. And it's just gotten worse ...

I downloaded the double-whopper-sized demo (1.8GB) from Ausgamers using their torrent facility, however, this is where it went wrong. This is now the third game I have tried to download from this service that has turned out to be fine when downloaded but on execution, a file within the installer or self-extracting EXE is corrupt.

The first time, I thought it was my system. The second time, I thought it was bizarre. Now, I know it's not my system and in the future, I'll be downloading from another mirror service until Ausgamers can get their act together.

Anyway, to add insult to injury, I've heard Crysis is tha goods, even on XP (DirectX 9.0c) machines.

Apr2007 10

{mosimage}"China's growing band of young internet gamers will face virtual penalties if they stay online for more than three hours, under a new set of rules to combat cyber addiction published today.

Chinese authorities have voiced increasing concern in recent months about the number of teenagers who spend hours and sometimes days in internet cafes playing games."

Jun2005 26

Having reviewed and played the demo, I will summarize my review for the full game. In saying that, the full game offers quite a few advantages over the demo, including certain features that were turned off.

May2005 06

{mosimage}"The Matrix Online Team is pleased
to announce the Friends & Family Trial Program that will take place
from May 20th-29th, 2005 during the next major live event, "The Hunt
for Morpheus." On Thursday, May 12th all current subscribers to The Matrix Online
will be e-mailed 3 trial keys and a game client download link. Each of
these keys will allow a non-subscriber guest to sign-up and play the
game during this live event."

Awesome ... I'm a subscriber, so I'll get a chance to experience TMO.
I've been following this game for quite away, I entered the beta, but
chose not to play as I thought back to my beta Neocron days.

Now all I
have to do is pick 3 worthy mates ...

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