Oct2007 11

{mosimage} After waiting 4 weeks on back order, my latest purchase has landed ... an 8GB Corsair Flash Voyager GT USB Drive.

This USB drive is shock proof, water resistant and 3 times quicker than standard USB drives. In fact, it's 50% quicker than a 8GB Transcend Hi-Speed drive, which I borrowed for testing purposes.

It also comes preloaded with TrueCrypt ... sweet (Gold Plated Dog!!!).

It looks cool and has a nice, clear blue LED when it's in use. Set phasers to stun and jump to warp factor 9 -- in other words, it's the goods.

Oct2007 11


Oct2007 09


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{mosimage}There is a ton of music and videos out there on the web, in social networking sites and the like, but how do you find it ? With Seeqpod, of course.

Seeqpod enables you to search the web by artist, to find their music or similar tracks and create playlists or tag tracks.

So, why not head on over and start discovering some new music.

Jun2007 22

Folding@Home on a PS3

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A mate of mine, mojodale, lent me his Playstation 3, so instead of playing games, I hooked it up to the net and installed the distributed computing project - Folding@Home. It's now happily crunching away taking 7-8 hours per work unit.

I was feeding the PS3 video signal through my iMac, so I thought I might as well capture some footage and make a little vid.

Jan2007 19

Got them Packets ?

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{mosimage}Check out this strangely addictive new app for Windows, OS X and *nix called Packet Garden. Watch your packets be visualized like never before, as plants and terrain on a spinning virtual world.

"None of this information is made public or shared in any way, instead it's used to grow a personal landscape, a kind of 'walk-in graph' uniquely shaped by the way you use the internet.

With each day of network activity a new world can be generated, each of which are stored as tiny files for you to browse, compare and visit as time goes by."

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