Sep2007 28

{mosimage}It's a question that's been asked of me by a number of people - my father, a mate (friend for you non-Australians), a number of co-workers and I've even been asking myself that question lately. Why so often ? Of course, I know the answer ... it's because of the iPhone.

That's the reason for the number of recent updates. No new features for us non-iPhone users. So, what good are these updates anyway, it's not like us Australians have access to iPhones. At least not until sometime in 2008. What's more alarming is that none of the Australian carriers have announced they'll carry it.

Now all I can see, is get ready for the next batch of updates. Why ? Because Apple released a slew of patches, along with the iPod Touch being launched today. And it'll have bugs or it'll get cracked and Apple will fix the issue by giving us the entire iTunes suite as a download everytime. This is what gets up my goat. Where is the nice Auto-Update and Auto-Installer ? It should just be like Software Update, an progress bar and when it's done, it's done.

Also, another moot point. They should take a leaf out of Firefox's book, on how to do updates. When Firefox is updated, you only have to download the parts that have been affected, making for a much smaller download - whereas, with iTunes, you get the whole enchilada.

Here endeth the rant ...

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