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Bigpond, the joke ISP

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{mosimage}Bigpond, the self-called Internet experts are a joke.

My fiance recently sent out 20-30 email invitation to our wedding using Google Mail and because of that, she has now had her email address blocked by Bigpond. After ringing them to find out what was the problem, the Telstra employee advised that our address has been blocked for sending spam (the invites). Their advice was that we talk to our ISP, even though, we had informed the guy we used GMail, so there is no ISP involved. This just goes to show that Bigpond employees don't have a clue what they're talking about.

There is a lesson to be learned here. Don't sign up with ISPs like Telstra Bigpond.

Updated 10/4: Telstra have confirmed that Google's mail servers were blacklisted by BigPond for being used to distribute spam and have hit back at Google saying that "Google had approached BigPond about the issue last Thursday but did not immediately take steps to address it."

Ah, so now Telstra are saying they knew about the issue, but still fobbed us off when we rang up about the problem. This is Telstra's typical support at work, their "talk to the hand" attitude.

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