Mar2007 13

"The project is a film version of the Jagged Alliance series, which will be produced by largely unknown Hollywood-based multimedia entertainment company Union Entertainment.

The Jagged Alliance series tells the story of an elite group of mercenaries who undertake a variety of missions at the whim of the highest bidder. The film version will focus on such aspects as the cutthroat relationships between the characters, who must rely on but can never trust each other."


The Jagged Alliance series started in 1994 as a turn-based strategy DOS game, and has so far spawned five sequels. There is currently a Jagged Alliance 3D game for the PC being developed by MiST Land South and was due for release in "early 2006." This project failed to materialise, but it is still "under development," according to the release.

A Jagged Alliance 2 version for the DS has also been announced.

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