Feb2007 26

{mosimage}On the 24th February, my fiancee and I travelled to Sydney, as the Orange County Choppers guys were coming downunder. Check out my photo gallery of the event.

What a day it was. Being from QLD, we were able to weather the very hot Sydney day as the humidity wasn't like anything we have up here. However, that didn't stop a few Sydney goers dropping from the heat. And would you believe, an event of this size, there was no St Johns Ambulance tent ? In fact, the organizers put on a rather disappointing event, logistics wise. There were only 2 places to get water / food and we had to cue up for over an hour to get something to drink. Add the 30+ minutes cue time to get in and the over an hour at the merchandising store, you'd think all we did all day was form cues.

Unfortunately, we didn't get to see the Teutuls, except from their balcony. We got to see Poole and the hard-working wire-god Vinnie. We still enjoyed ourselves, I was happy to see the Comanche Chopper, however, after being their since 12pm, we left around 6pm when it started to rain as we were advised that 104km winds were on their way.

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