US National Hot Pepper Day

Nov2006 20

{mosimage}I've just come back from the Kylie Concert, which was originally planned for June 2005, but was postponed due to Ms Minogue being diagnosed with cancer.

Now, she's back and looking great -- put on a little bit of weight, not that you'd overly notice. Her performance wasn't as animated as her previous concerts, understandibly and the concert included an interval. She took a number of breaks during the show, albeit to change costume as well.

The first song, "Better the Devil You Know", unfortunately was terrible, the sound engineers were still trying to get the levels right with the band and her vocals, and at one point half the speaker stack dropped out -- tho by the time her 3rd number was underway (2nd number was her new single with the Sister Scissors) everything was right.

Some of the other highlights for me were hearing "You have been Deleted" and then seeing Cybermen custumed dancers during the "Can't Get You Out of My Head" number, her singing "Turn It Into Love" one of my favs from her first album (the song was only released in Japan, where it went to #1) and she did an excellent version of "Locomotion" in a very "Big Spender" kinda-fashion.

On a side note, I felt my concerting experience was ruined by this little girl with her strobe light that she kept on, for the entire concert, something no other patron did. I guess it's not her fault, I blame the parents.

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