Oct2006 27

{mosimage}I originally saw djay being shown off on Call for Help. Whilst, Amber has no DJ skills what-so-ever (she actually liked Numark's iPod Mixer), she wasn't able to show it off as best as I would have liked. To cut a long story short, I use to DJ (Drum n Bass / Big Beat), have decks and switched from vinyl to MP3s when FinalScratch came out.

So what is djay ?
The German students, who have coded this free app, describe it as "groundbreaking new software for Mac OS X that takes full advantage of Apple's latest audio and graphics technologies, and runs natively on both Intel and PowerPC processors."

Some of the features I was impressed with were:-

  • iTunes Integration
  • Automatic artwork image loading on both turntables
  • Pitch-Shifting
  • Pre-Cueing (requires multichannel sound card)
  • Crossfade automation
  • Magnetic tempo slider for precise beat matching
  • Cue points for beat-juggling

So, why not give it a whirl.

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