Sep2006 12

{mosimage}Check out the latest keynote from Apple CEO Steve Jobs as he delivers a special announcement from the Yerba Buena Center. First, Jobs stated that the iPod has 75% of the MP3 Market Share in the US and the Nike iPod Kit is selling well.

He then went on to say that the new iPods are getting Brighter Screens, Extended Battery life, New Headphones and 5th Generation iPods+ are getting Games such as Bejewelled and Pac-man.

I was most interested to see the Shuffle getting updated. They've now dubbed it "The World's Smallest MP3 Player" - 12 hour Battery life, 1GB in size, Built-in clip on the back, comes with a Dock station and it's $79 US ~ $105.18 AU. Shipping in October.

iTunes 7 was released today and sports a bunch of new features such as Managing your iPod and Cover Flow. They then announced that 75+ movies will be available via the iTunes store. Personally, I don't watch movies on a small screen like the iPod and scaling them up on my TV, I don't think they'll cut the mustard, I guess we'll see. But I'll bet, the store performs well. Apple, once again, have utilized new technologies to give users a LEGAL way of purchasing movies and TV shows.

One last thing ... iTV (not to be confused with Elgato's EyeTV). This is essentially, a box with a HDMI and Component Out / SPDIF connectors and talks to your Mac/PC via Wireless or Wired networks. It also was usable via the Apple Remote showing the future of Front Row.

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