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Say No to Netgear

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{mosimage}Now I don't normally write rants like this on my blog, but I have had it with Netgear products. I don't know how many times I've ended up bashing my head against a brickwall trying to configure Netgear Wireless products.

I just spent half a day getting a brand new RangeMax WAP up and running and as soon as I connected a WiFi device to it, I could no longer log into the WAP. Somehow the password changed. I then found out that the WAP doesn't actually support DHCP Passthru, which is a necessity.

Wireless networking wasn't meant to be difficult, but companies like Netgear and D-Link have made WiFi on Windows, an absolute nightmare/joke. Now, take an Apple Airport Express, it's a beautiful piece of hardware, elegant looking and you know what, it just works. You can also stream music across the network via iTunes.

Give it power, a network cable and then configure it (PCs need to be wired, Macs can do it wirelessly) and its done and dusted. So, with that said, I am never touching any WiFi networks unless they're run by Apple gear.

Updated 13/8: Just got an Apple Airport Express and had it setup and working within 8 minutes.

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