May2006 01

{mosimage}May 1st Reboot Day is the unofficial holiday on the web, which refers to the date when web developers / designers apply a new design to their site, a "spring clean", if you will.

I'd been working on getting my site ready but my host went down and this delayed the redesign. I ended up purchasing a new hosting account, so it's actually a big change going on here.

Please bare with us over the next couple of days as the transition is usually a little bumpy. Anyway, here's my new design, even though it's not 100% complete.

Update: If you're viewing this site with Internet Explorer, you will notice it looks fubared. Funnily, the site looks great in Firefox and Safari and after all, isn't that what really matters ;).

Update 4/5: After reading that IE doesn't actually support XHTML, I've decided there is no point in me applying IE-hacks to my code just so it works properly in that browser. So, you can't view this site with IE. You will be redirected to my Say NO to IE page, instead.

Update 9/5: I've now made my site accessible to IE users, after they have seen my "Say NO to IE" page first. Your browser will then set a cookie, which means you can then view our site with IE for a day and then you will be prompted with the "Say NO to IE" page again. This is mainly for people who have no control over what browser they're viewing this site with. If you do have control, do yourself a favour and use Firefox or Get a Mac.

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