Feb2006 23

{mosimage}"Windows Vista, the update to the operating system due this year, will add a feature called Sidebar. Sidebar is a small panel at the side of the monitor that can be used to view photo slide shows, RSS (Really Simple Syndication) feeds and other small programs, dubbed gadgets."

"While DVD movies have popularized wide-screen displays", Windows chief Jim Allchin said there are a lot of uses for the extra pixels. "That's why Sidebar is something important,".

Errr ... Sorry Jim, I think you've missed the mark there. People aren't buying wide-screen / bigger displays to watch DVDs on them. They're buying them for more desk space. You can be a lot more productive doing Development work or navigating an Excel spreadsheet, for example.
But, who in the right mind would watch movies in front of their computer. You've just bought the latest blockbuster DVD, you've got your popcorn ready and now, you and the family are going to huddle around your computer monitor ??? Get real.

I really have to wonder about the people at Microsoft. As for Sidebar, well sorry MS. Google have had their Sidebar available for existing copies of Windows, for quite some time. Konfabulator is free too, as is Samurize. It's like MS wants to compete, but can't get things turned around quick enough.

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