Jan2006 18

{mosimage}"iLife ’06 is the easiest way to make the most out of every bit of your digital life. Use your Mac to collect, organize and edit the various elements. Transform them into mouth-watering masterpieces with Apple-designed templates. Then share the magic moments in beautiful books, colorful calendars, dazzling DVDs, perfect podcasts, and attractive online journals. All starring you."

That's the marketing blurb, but iLife is really a good software package and the updates in the 2006 version are quite impressive, especially the inclusion of the new iWeb and updates for GarageBand and iPhoto.

I'm still waiting for my iLife. Two days ago, I went to Nextbyte and paid for iLife ($119 AU) and was advised they might have copies later today. I wasn't that fused, so I thought I'd wait til the next day. It was then when I was checking out the Appletalk forums that someone mentioned that the same store I ordered my copy from had loaded it on all their demo machines, so they must have had copies.

I then emailed Nextbyte to find out where my copy is. They then rang me later and advised that they only received 3 copies and I was the 4th in line. I highly doubt that, I know that's just salesman BS to get me off the phone, so alas, I'm waiting.

Hopefully ... today.

Update 23/1 5:00pm: Maybe not. Still waiting ...

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