Nov2005 23

These days when you buy CDs or DVDs, you'll usually get them in a spindle. These disks come with no covers, so when you want to transport things to and from work or when you want to give a friend a disk, in the past, I had just been getting a piece of A4 paper and "wrapping" it in it. Whilst, this did the job, it looked shabby and I thought, surely there has to be a better ... surely someone has come up with an Origami version ... And guess what, I was right (and stop calling me Shirley :P)

First, I came across this site by Matthew Toledo. I started to follow his steps, but got stuck on his "this part is tricky". So, I did another search on the web and came across this PDF document.

This takes me back to when I use to make paper airplanes as a kid (I wonder if people do that these days or if XBOX's and Playstations have done away with that past time.) Anyway, after making a few, I'm like ... this is so cool, must share with the world.

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