Nov2005 01

{mosimage}Apple has release it's latest update to Tiger, 10.4.3 and it addresses several security flaws. The update addresses seven separate issues, including a bugs (1) in the Finder that incorrectly displays file/group ownership, (2) in Software Update that may not install certain software updates, (3) in group permissions under Mac OS X 10.4.2 Server where changes may not be immediately applied, (4) in Keychain which may display certain passwords after the lock timeout, and (5,6,7) in the kernel that may display memory information to local users.

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Update 2/11: After updating and restarting, I now have no desktop ... No icons and no Finder to access. Safari runs thankfully, Skype and Firefox don't, that's all I've tried so far. I guess the permissions are stuffed ... again. I can't even launch the Disk Utility, so I had to hunt around on Appletalk until I found out the command line to repair permissions.

As I could only launch things from my dock, I launched the Terminal, repaired the permissions using that command, unfortunately, I couldn't shutdown. When I tried to "su", that failed to accept my password.

So, I had to turn it off at the back and when it came back up it was all good ... now I just wish Apple would include an automatic run of the Disk Utility - Repair Permissions at the end of every update. Please.

Every update so far has caused one problem or another.

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