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DOOM Movie Review

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{mosimage}On Saturday, I went to the see the game turned movie - Doom.
Wow ... what a bad movie. I didn't think it was possible to waste $60 million dollars ... now I do. Let's start with the story - written by first-time writer Dave Callaham. He claims that his story was altered (after being inundated with hate emails from Doom gamers), presumably by the screenwriter, Wesley Strick, who's credits include Cape Fear (Remake) and The Saint (TV Show turned Movie). Not off to a good start.

Now we have the director, the person who shapes the movie, who's vision of the story, is what we see. Andrzej Bartkowiak, who's credits include such B-grade movies as Romeo Must Die, Exit Wounds and Cradle 2 the Grave. Why would you hand a project like Doom over to someone who has no track record. Like I'm not saying get James Cameron to direct it, there are a lot of other talented action flick directors who could have done a better job.

The music or lack thereof, was a major let down. No musical score to add suspense, some scenes just flopped because of this in my opinion. We were treated to some rock score at one point, which leaves just as soon as it enters. Now comes the acting ... well we weren't going to expect much from The Rock, now were we ? Karl Urban does the best he can ... but Rosamund Pike, I thought her acting was weak.

So, overall, I didn't enjoy this movie. It certainly hasn't done well at the box office overall. I've given it an extra half star, just for the First Person Shooter part.


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