Oct2005 15

{mosimage}On Saturday, I went to the Southbank Parkland's cinema
to see Joss Whedon's movie length Serenity, a continuation of the
Firefly 14 episode TV show, that was shown on late night free-to-air TV, so I never got to see it. Whilst my
other half didn't like this movie at all, I thought it was not bad. The
overall production had a very TV-like quality to it, even though some
of the scenes were movie-like kick ass.

The dialog was very Whedon-witty-like and the story generally flowed,
however, there were a few uneasy things such as there
being no chemistry between Zoe (Gina Torres) and Wash (Alan Tudyk), and why was River (Summer Glau) being trained ? To fight the Reavers ? Jayne (Adam Baldwin)
had some of the best lines in this movie, and I felt River looked stunning in her
buffy-esque fighting moves againsts the vamp...err reavers.

I really like Nathan Fillion (Captain Mal or to Buffy fans Caleb, the Evil
Priest) as an actor. so I would like to see this project develop
into something else, either another movie or a new series for TV.


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