Oct2005 13

{mosimage}Apple is at it again ... once again giving it's current products a
facelift - the iMac, now comes with a Remote and a built-in iSight.

list of features the *new* stock iMac comes with pretty much compares
to ALL
THE EXTRAs I forked out on less than 6 months ago. Good one Apple. It's
almost as though they are
trying to get as much money as possible out of their "old stock" (PPC)
before going to MacIntels. I guess it's a "smart business move" on
their behalf, since all company's goal ae to make more money, still I
have a problem with Apple's "let's keep everything secret" attitude.

At least, we have a revamped iTunes - gosh, what happened to 5 ? Was it
that crap, we needed a 6 ? And the Video Store - hey Steve, how
about getting a Music Store in Australia first before you work on a new
model that hasn't even been proven.

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