Sep2005 07

{mosimage}Well all the rumours were finally squashed, when the Apple Special Music Event went ahead today. This special event, held at the Moscone West Convention Center in San Francisco, debuted several new products, some of which are available now at the Apple Store US back online.

Apple used the special music event to launch iTunes 5, the new iTunes-compatible Motorola ROKR phone, and the iPod nano, a smaller, thinner, flash-based version that replaces the iPod mini.

Click the above image to watch the video

The nano looks a lot like the offspring of a mini and a shuffle (width-wise) and also seems to have addressed some of the shuffle's issues such as the "lanyard headphones", which integrate the headphone cables into the lanyard, so users can wear it around their neck without dangling headphone cables.

My real concern with all these portable devices is battery life - when is someone going to address this issue ?

Update 9/9: I've now tried to install iTunes 5 on 3 different Windows XP PCs with no success. They either fail to install or won't run citing that QuickTime 7 is required, yet the installer is meant to do both. Meanwhile, on the Mac, iTunes runs fine. This doesn't bode well for a company that is betting it's company on x86.

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