Jul2005 30


Richard Richards, Sue & Johnny Storm, Ben Grimm - Meet the
Fantastic Four - Marvel's (or should I say Stan's) latest
comic-turned-blockbuster superheros. Overall Fantastic Four was a very enjoyable, fun movie. One could almost, dare I say was absolutely fantastic.

It's just a good film, one that I think entire family can enjoy. Avi Arad and team have done an excellent job with the casting - Jessica Alba was great as Sue Storm, along with Michael Chiklis as the Thing/Ben Grimm), even Aussie actor Julian McMahon played Dr Doom with such ternacity. Chris Evans, who plays Johnny Storm had some great lines in the movie which provided light comedy amongst all the action.

The effects in Fantastic Four were first rate - especially the scene on New York bridge. Props to all the CGI artist.

Hopefully we.ll get to see the foursome in another adventure soon.

Rating: "star.gif"

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