Jul2005 11

{mosimage}Last night, the Official Battlefield 2 website updated the community with this gob stopper - "we recommend that you reinstall the game". Reinstall the game ? Because of your buggy patch ? What about a rollback of the patch ? Surely, they would have included that in the patch process ... No, that would require planning and thought.

Firstly, the game wasn't complete, yet they released it, then the patch wasn't complete and released that too. Who's to say when this hotfix comes out, that it will actually work.

This is just very piss poor programming on EA/DICE's behalf. So much for proper testing. The "memory leak" issue, with the patch, was found within hours of running, so why couldn't EA/DICE do testing too ? They flogged on about their test centres during the developer diaries ...


Anyway, since the reinstall, I've been dropped 5 or 6 times from servers for "connection issues" and/or dropped to the desktop with memory errors (ala above), bugs like seeing your allies as enemies and now qtracker doesn't work (it worked with the patch though).

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