May2005 15

{mosimage} (previously has taken the plunge and severed it's ties from six (6) year web host, Interland (previously Communitech). Our corner of the web is now being hosted by UVC Host.
The hosting is considerably cheaper and whilst I will not have any sub
domains ($10 per subdomain per year ? No thanks), I keep coming back to
that price per year and for some reason, it's not a problem anymore ;).

As for their reliablility, I've been use to their stability and performance for awhile, as Scott Mc setup the BeDrivers
hosting there. I'm responsible for building, from
scratch, the site and setting it all up. I'll most likely migrate it to a Mambo install soon, just to make things easier on myself.

still working on the Dashboard Widgets, getting the code cleaned up and
making them solid before I release them for public (ab)use.

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