Apr2005 29

Tiger Released

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{mosimage}I took the day off today, mainly because I was heading up the Coast,
but also so I could pick up my copy of Tiger, Apple's latest OS
release. My plans were put on hold when the reseller, Nextbyte, informed me that my copy
wouldn't be available until 6pm. So, unfortunately, I have to wait til
Tuesday (as Monday is a Public Holiday).

This is a shame, as I started to read about how other people in Australia, who
pre-ordered via Apple's Online site, received it at 8am. This
does nothing more than add fuel to the already raging fire over the
Reseller vs Apple debate.

I decided to check out if there were any reviews of Tiger to keep me
occupied. I first came across the rather heady and rant-filled, Ars
review. You'll probably want to skim read that one. Also, I
found CNet's, SuperSite (Windows Orientated site) and AnandTech's.

I've also seen a number of widgets popping up on VersionTracker. ;)

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