Apr2012 02

It took awhile to be delivered, but it's finally arrives - the Joystick-It iPad Arcade Stick from ThinkGeek.

First thing you'll notice is it's not silver like the pictures off ThinkGeek, but that's semantics ... so, how well does it work ? Well, seeing as though I don't have an iPad yet (3rd gen is coming soon), I haven't had a proper chance to test it on an iPad.

Joystick-It on iPhone

So my initial testing has been with the iPhone 4, even though it only officially supports the iPad. I tried a number of games such as Dig Dug, R-Type, X-Men, Karate Champ and the Midway Arcade. Some of these games, at least on the iPhone, have a very small joystick area and the Joystick-It's suction cap actually covers up the pad making it very hard to do all the controls.

Joystick-It - iPad and iPhone

It was only games like X-Men and R-Type that seemed to have an area big enough, enabling control and these were great to play, especially R-Type. Karate Champ was an epic fail as they've used virtual joysticks and they're not pads at all, making it impossible to control. Pity, cos the virtual joysticks are terrible. I had a nice game of Gauntlet on the iPhone (with 8 way movement) and am looking forward to doing some further testing on the iPad.

At $9, you can't go wrong.

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