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WWDC 2012 KeynoteToday in San Francisco, Apple launched WWDC 2012 with it's opening introduction from Siri. Tim Cook then took the stage to talk about how well the App Store is doing and how it only going to just get bigger. He then showed a video highlighting how the iDevices has been embraced by blind people, growing businesses and education.

The MacBook family was the first to get a refresh with the Air and Pro getting the Ivy Bridge processor, faster graphics, memory and storage and IO (USB 3 port). Phil Schiler then introduced the new thin MacBook Pro with Retina Display (2880 x 1800). This is amazing, he showed a Final Cut screenshot that had a full 1080p viewer window and still plenty of room left over for the timeline. It has 2 thunderbolt ports, USB3, HDMI and SD card slots. Photographers and Movie people will flock to this machine. The caveat is those 2 thunderbolt ports are for your Gigabit Ethernet adapter and FireWire 800 if you need them. Priced at $2,499 AUD.

Craig Federighi then came out to talk about OS X Mountain Lion and it's iCloud support being added to numerous applications. He also showed off the other iOS-like apps such as Messages, Reminders, Notifications and Game Center. We'd seen all this at the Mountain Lion preview early this year, however, he continued to show newer features such as the new Safari with (finally) searching from address bar and iCloud tab syncing. A new power saving feature called PowerNap that allows apps to update even while the machine is in sleep mode; AirPlay Mirroring is available so you can now beam your OS X desktop to say an Apple TV or XBMC (when they fix the Mac version). Awesome. Mountain Lion will be available next month and cost $19.99 US to cover all your Macs.

Scott Forstall (aka the smug bastard) hit the stage to show off the latest iOS version 6. Siri got a number of improvements including language support for Korea and China. It's also coming to the new iPad (3rd Gen). A big social move by Apple was adding Facebook integration to iOS with single sign-on much like the Twitter support but also does things like integrate the birthdays to your address book.

A nice welcomed feature is Do Not Disturb allowing you to schedule when you don't want phone calls / notifications. No more needing to make sure the phone is on silent before going to bed now. FaceTime now allows you to make 3G calls, so no surprises there.

Safari gets the tab syncing feature as mentioned with OS X and full screen support for landscape mode. Mail gets a new feature called VIPs, which allows you to set particular users as VIPs meaning they get priority support and also makes it easier to see just their emails.

PassBook is a new app for tickets, boarding pass, store cards, etc to be integrated in the one place. Not sure how many Australian businesses will use this feature but it would be nice. At least US users are going to have fun with this.

Maps has not only a new icon but is completely written from the ground up app and dumps Google Maps to boot. The map searches are anonymous, real-time and crowd sourced. It also includes turn by turn navigation, which works from the lock screen. Siri is also integrated as well. There is a new feature called Flyover, which gives a top down 3D mode for maps where they not only showed off San Francisco but Sydney as well. It looks really good. Apple has done to maps what they've done to other markets and re-envisaged and blown away the competition.

iOS 6 is available to developers today and available to the public in Fall (Northern) / Spring (Southern).

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