Jul2012 11

iPhoneToday is my 4th anniversary as an iPhone owner. I stood in line (first and only time) at Optus and was lucky to be one of the few people to get a prepaid unlocked iPhone 2 - the first iPhone to officially launch in Australia.

I was hooked. Before owning the iPhone, I was a PDA user - Palm to be precise. I started with the Handspring, the first colour PDA and I even had the mobile attachment for it. Sure it was big and bulky and people would snigger at it, which is exactly why I'd never get one of these phablets or tablaphone such as the Galaxy Note. I then went through the Tungsten series and then the LifeDrive, the first PDA with a 4GB hard drive. It was a great device despite it's battery life and poor web browser. It had Wifi, my notes, my calendar events and contacts.

So, to me at least, the iPhone was a natural progression.

Palm was dead in the water after they bought and shelved BeOS (yes, I'm bitter) and then failing to get their new version of PalmOS out the door. Here came Apple with a touch screen device with built in storage, wifi, contacts/calendars in fact all the things the LifeDrive did but much better. No stylus required, excellent browser support with Mobile Safari, 5-6x better battery life and the ecosystem was a thriving. It was a cellular device too, which meant I could get rid of my Nokia phone and it's clunky interface. 

Any device I own, I must code for it. I can't help myself. I like to write apps and so the Xcoding journey began first with the official Rinse FM app, which is still my most popular release to date. I'm still rocking an iPhone 4, skipped the 4S due to finances and the fact that the 4 is still usable, with the iOS 6 beta and am looking forward to seeing what Apple does next. 

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