Sep2012 12

Developers Ubisoft Shanghai have released a new third person post-apocalyptic game using the Unreal Engine and I think they've outdone themselves. This game has all the hallmarks of a AAA title yet comes at an indie price of $18 AUD on Steam.

You play the unnamed male and without giving too much of the story away you're looking for your family in a dust-filled desolate world with shady characters and dark, bleak situations. The game takes place one year after America has gone through a massive disaster included earthquakes that destroyed most cities and areas known only as "The Event".

As a PC gamer, it plays like a console game, however I didn't find the camera or controls to be frustrating. Being a dust-filled world, there is a grainy filter applied to the video, which helps to immerse you into this dire world. Whilst, it's may fall into the "nothing new" category, I would argue that most games don't need to do something new every time and still be an enjoyable play. This is where I Am Alive fits in.


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