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Apple Special Event - MacbooksSteve Jobs revealed Apple's latest releases in the laptop / notebook space with the launch of new revamped Macbooks, which are now aluminium rather than plastic.

First up, chief operating officer Tim Cook came on stage to talk about the state of the current Mac line of computers.

He mentioned that Apple is #1 in Education in the US and then proceeded to show a REALLY old photo of a classroom of students with Macs.

Next, Jonathan Ive went on to show us how the Macbooks are made from the ground up. To be honest, there isn't much to see here. You can tell they're obviously gushing over the new processes put in place to make these Macbooks, however it's what's inside that counts.

New Speeds

A little bit faster but not by much, a glass Multi-Touch trackpad with gestures and no mouse buttons and has a new Mini DisplayPort for external connections -- NO VGA, NO DVI, NO HDMI -- don't know what Apple was thinking there, especially since the connectors are optional as well. Once again, Apple lead the way by forcing people to change.
New Connectors

Steve Jobs then handed out into the audience the shell for the Macbooks and people just looked at it and then passed it on. I was disappointed that no one just tried to bend the crap out of it. I know I would have it I was there ;)

But what baffles me the most is the pricing ... the new 15-inch MacBook Pro sells for $2,499 US, yet in Australia this same notebook sells for $3,999 AU !!! Even with the current bad exchange rate, it should be around the $3,500 mark.

Update: It was mentioned yesterday that I only focused on the Macbook Pro and whilst I am drooling over this laptop, it's also worth mentioning the Macbook (not the White one) as well. For the 2.0Ghz model with 160GB HD, you'll pay $2,099 retail and $2,549 for the 2.4Ghz model with 250GB HD.

As stated, I'm drooling over this new machine as a development machine, just looking into how I can maybe salary sacrifice at the moment ...

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