Sep2008 09

Steve Jobs revealed Apple's latest strategy in music with the launch of new iPods and iTunes 8.0, with it's so-called "Genius" mode. Unfortunatley, in my tests, "Genius" is dumb.

Every song that I tried in my collection (which is mainly Drum n Bass) - just said the following:-

Genius is Dumb

So, looks like it'll only work with music that exists in the iTunes Music Store, so for you Top 40 listeners, it might work for you. I did try it with some other dnb artists, such as "Sub Focus" and that returned a playlist with some Drum n Bass, but also House and Chill music. A for effort. T for Nice Try.

Genius is Dumb

On the iPod front, the most interesting thing is the new earbud headphones they're shipping. They come with the same click button as the iPhone headphones, except you can Play/Pause your music as well as adjust the volume. No more fumbling about in your pocket for the click wheel ... Awesome.

Genius is Dumb

The iPhone and iPod Touch also get an update, to version 2.1 with "a lot of bug fixes" according to Jobs. To name a few, Fewer dropped calls, Better Battery Life, Fixes for Crashing Apps and Backing up to iTunes is alot faster. This is good news, considering no third party apps will run on my iPhone at present :(.

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