Aug2008 31

Yep it's official - Paul Thurrott is on crack.

Not only does he think we're all stupid for not using Vista (he thinks Windows XP is junk), but now he's writing a Switcher Guides from Mac to Windows. For someone who loves Windows product just a little too much, he sure likes to talk about Macs alot. Maybe he doesn't like to feel left out of it, like the guy who doesn't watch a particular TV show that everyone at work is talking about at the coffee break (watercooler) the next day.

During the iPhone launch, he wrote articles on MobileMe and how it wouldn't be good for the majority of iPhone owners, which he calls Windows users. He also says time and time again about how Windows has the largest install base, so why would you need an article to switch from something the majority of us don't use ?

You can find more of his weird logic over at his MacEnvySuperSite WinSuperSite for Windows site.

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