International Coffee Day

Sep2015 17

<a href='' title='Boogie Down Productions' target='_blank'>Boogie Down Productions</a> - By All Means Necessary

The second LP by BDP aka Boogie Down Productions was By All Means Necessary. This LP was famous for it's PSA hits "Stop the Violence", "Illegal Business" and "Jimmy", but for me, "Ya Slippin'" with KRS-One's countdown from 10, still gives me chills and "I'm Still #1", tells everyone what time it is.

When I bought this LP in my early teens, I recorded it onto a cassette tape and would play it non-stop on my walkman, as I travelled to and from school. It was so fresh and politically minded. It was also the first time I remember thinking that musically, I was in a different world to everyone else I knew.

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