Jul2008 27

{mosimage}Seems that Microsoft have resorted to "tricking" users into thinking they're not using Vista, in an attempt to make Vista look good.

Their thoughts are, if it's not called Vista, it won't have the same emotional baggage. However, the test won't show what REAL users of Vista would run into. For starters, the hardware that they run the demo on is a HP Pavilion DV2000 (according to HP's web site, that is a notebook, though I'd heard the test was run on desktop machines).

Also, the machines have 2GB of RAM. My argument is, you wouldn't have 2GB of RAM unless you were a high-end user (or a gamer but no gamer in their right mind is going to use a notebook now are they ?). I guess time will tell, when MS release this video on Wednesday this week.

It's also been pointed out that "if Microsoft added in, say, driver issues, compatibility issues, installation issues, and the UAC to the demo, they might have had a different result."

In my tests of Vista, installing the OS is the only painless part -- the entire experience though is terrible and I much prefer Windows XP, OS X or a pre-alpha release of Haiku OS to Vista.

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