Sep2014 21

Watch as EverythingApplePro compares all 10 (ten) iPhones that have been released.

Sep2014 14


Electro mix with a few pop songs remixed in it ...

Click here to download/listen.

Sep2014 10

Written for fans and by fans, who were inspired by the beloved cult sci-fi series Firefly.

Sep2014 04

Robot King answers the question, what would really happen if teenagers were the defenders, who formed a giant robot, much like Voltron.

What makes this even funnier is, I was just watching my Voltron DVDs with my son last night :) How apt.

Sep2014 03


Recently I had a major issue with the cloud based syncing service - Dropbox. Prior to this, I would sing it's praises to everyone -- now, I'm not so sure.

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