US National Spumoni Day

Sep2014 03


Recently I had a major issue with the cloud based syncing service - Dropbox. Prior to this, I would sing it's praises to everyone -- now, I'm not so sure.

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Aug2014 29

It's all about Phuzion Records fantastic LP - Atmosphere: Deeper Drum & Bass (Chapter 5) ... 69 dudes !

Aug2014 29

<a href='' title='Ludum Dare' target='_blank'>Ludum Dare</a> 30 - Sikosis

Over the weekend of the 23rd/24th August, I participated in one of the best known and respected game jams, called Ludum Dare. Currently in it's 12th year, Ludum Dare (latin for "to give a game") is a two-part event, the compo (solo 48hrs) and the jam (solo/team 72hrs) to create a game based around a theme, which was announced on the weekend - Connected Worlds.

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Aug2014 19

Barely Legal Pawn

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Find out what happens when Julia Louis-Dreyfus tries to offload her Emmy to Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul.

Aug2014 18

Nobumichi Asai used Omote, a combination of real-time face tracking and projection mapping to transform a model's face into mesmerizing patterns.

The results are both, pretty cool and creepy.

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