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The Death of Palm ?

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{mosimage}Palm announced today that a "new devices will run the Palm OS on a Linux platform which has been under development for several years.

The new platform will support existing Palm OS applications. Palm has sold off its PalmOS, but recently purchased a perpetual license for the Palm OS5 "Garnet" operating system."

Which makes me think, well why did they buy BeOS and shelf it, when they initially said that they were reworking the code for the PalmOS. I'm yet to see anything useful come from any Linux distro, even the embedded systems have their warts. Could this be the death of Palm ? Could this mean when Apple's iPhone drops in 2008, that it'll be the new PDA of choice.

Oct2005 06

{mosimage}The LifeDrive is back ... My brand new replacement arrived today from Handhelds Online.

Ever since getting my Palm LD, it's had battery issues where it would
only hold 80% of it's charge.

Here's hoping this new unit doesn't have
the same issue.

Aug2005 30

Palm Lifedrive

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{mosimage}My new Palm arrived today from Handhelds Online. I must say,
pretty good service from them, they rang me yesterday to confirm the
order and sent numberous emails including one with a tracking link.

I immediately opened the box and put the Palm on the charge. I then
opened the Hard Case, I bought. Ugggh. What a crappy case. Like it
feels sterdy and strong - it's mainly made from the same as my previous
case which was made out of Shark. The difference is this case has a
metal door and here in lies the problem.

I tried to open the with no success. There's a tiny groove you're meant
to get your fingernail into to open it. Mine are too small and kept
slipping. I then tried a metal key and that slipped and put a dirty
great big scratch right across the door. Grrrrr. The only way I've been
able to open the door, is by forcibly using a 10 cent piece. Rating for
this case. 1 out of 5. I would not recommend it to anyone. In fact, I'm
kicking myself that I bought. I've just wasted $65 :(

As for the Lifedrive ...

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