Aug2005 30

Palm Lifedrive

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{mosimage}My new Palm arrived today from Handhelds Online. I must say,
pretty good service from them, they rang me yesterday to confirm the
order and sent numberous emails including one with a tracking link.

I immediately opened the box and put the Palm on the charge. I then
opened the Hard Case, I bought. Ugggh. What a crappy case. Like it
feels sterdy and strong - it's mainly made from the same as my previous
case which was made out of Shark. The difference is this case has a
metal door and here in lies the problem.

I tried to open the with no success. There's a tiny groove you're meant
to get your fingernail into to open it. Mine are too small and kept
slipping. I then tried a metal key and that slipped and put a dirty
great big scratch right across the door. Grrrrr. The only way I've been
able to open the door, is by forcibly using a 10 cent piece. Rating for
this case. 1 out of 5. I would not recommend it to anyone. In fact, I'm
kicking myself that I bought. I've just wasted $65 :(

As for the Lifedrive ...

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