Feb2009 28

On the weekend, I picked up House of the Dead: Overkill, exclusive to the Wii and built from the ground up to take advantage of the Wii controls. And let's face it, shooting games rock on the Wii and suck on everything else. But, as the only shooting games available are Ghost Squad (which is too short) and House of the Dead 2 & 3 (even shorter), Overkill is a welcomed change.

The developers from Headstrong have done an amazing job with this game, splitting it up into 7 "movie" missions like Left 4 Dead did -- each movie based heavily around the b-grade, grindhouse genre. It's cliche to the max and I love it.

Full of swearing, violence and great gunplay -- 4 out of 5.

Oct2008 27

Check out the trailer for the next upcoming paintball computer game called Championship Paintball 2009. It smells of GHTP though, I did noticed they've announced a Wii version, so maybe it'll be worth checking out.

May2008 09

Wii FitYesterday, I managed to pick up the Wii Fit from JB Hi-Fi for $119 AU (EB Games were selling it for $149 AU - How rude !) and boy is it great. Very simple to use and the exercises/training games are fun to do -- I was completely buggered after doing the Short Jog :)

It's a great way to track your BMI and Weight too, as every day when you do a Body Test, it calculates these measurements and graphs your progress. You can even set goals to work towards.

Great fun and losing weight at the same time. My wife loves the Hula Hoop-ing and I'm a bit of a step master ;)

Apr2008 05

We have a Wii

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WiiAfter much thought on whether I would get a Wii or not and then the worldwide shortage happened, I didn't put much hope that I would ever get one, however, on Saturday morning, my wife was shopping in the city and she noticed Toyworld in the Myer Centre had just got 4 in. So, being the good wife she is, she bought it with a second controller (remote and nunchuk).

Despite only being 480p and the graphics looking at little chunky on my 60 inch TV, this console is great. The gameplay more than made up for it. Having only the included game Wii Sports (and Wii Play, which is a bunch of mini-games), I can say that both myself and my wife thoroughly enjoyed the Wii.

And what a workout it was ... with the Boxing game, providing to be the most intensive and also a legal fun way to beat up the wife :P - I have to say, it's definitely not a passive experience and by Monday I know I'm going to have a sore arm from Bowling.

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