US National Hot Pepper Day

May2014 25

Never judge a hot sauce by the sweet innocent lady on the front of the bottle.

Is this what the Too Hot Crew found out when they tried Alana's Spicy Morocco Aromatic Cumin & Red Chilli Harissa Sauce ?

Mar2014 26

On March 23rd, 2014 - Kettle & Tin hosted the 2nd Annual Chilli Cook Off sponsored by Burleigh Brewing Co.

Dale and Phil from the Too Hot Crew were there to bring their unique take on the event.

Mar2013 05

Dale and Phil are back, together with a live studio audience at Casa del Godbold, this time with another Chilli Willies called Rectum Wrecker.

The boys are expecting it to be hot, being Bhut Jolokia based, however Chilli Willies previous sauce wasn't as hot as they liked. What will the outcome be ?

Jan2013 16

Friends of the Too Hot Crew were kind enough to bring back from San Francisco, USA, a great little hot sauce; The Stinking Rose's Garlic Hot Sauce Batch #37.

Nov2011 05

Back once again, the guys from Too Hot To Handle sampled four habanero-based hot sauces from Southwest Specialty in Arizona, USA.

Sauces were Ass Blaster, Spontaneous Combustion, Hot Sauce from Hell and Hot Sauce from Hell: Devil's Revenge.

They also managed to rangle Ben Z in as a special guest.

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