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May2013 03

And here's one of them ... amazing.

Sep2010 16

Google Scribe

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Google ScribeThis morning I tried out Google Scribe, which is this tool that autocompletes as you type. It can be added to your browser via a bookmarklet to use it everywhere or if you just want to test it out you can visit

It has been criticized for producing clich├ęs as the text used is based on previously published material. It's a little wacky and takes a little getting use to, I even wrote this post using it. It'll be interesting to see how it people used it and whether or not it has any traction.

I must say it's very annoying having to press the ESC key all the time. It would have be better if it wouldn't automatically highlight and use a word or phrase when I press SPACE, when I want a SPACE not the word that scribe has suggested. I also had to fix up some of the grammer mistakes it had generated, so you're probably not going to be writing your essay or assignments with this.

May2010 05

Very cool ... thought I still use Firefox for it's add-ons.

May2010 05

The Flash Crash

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For awhile now people have been saying, why no Flash on the iPhone? When the iPad was released with no Flash -- this "discussion" came up again.

So, Steve Jobs posted his Thoughts on Flash, which had some very valid points as to why no Flash. Adobe tried to fire back and mentioned how Google's Android would be getting Flash.

Well, here's a hands-on preview of the Android Tablet (or whatever it's going to be called) showing YouTube running Flash crashing the browser.

Enuff said.

Mar2010 23

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