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Check out this cool video, showing how the Batman logo has changed from franchise to franchise.

Jun2007 18

{mosimage}Stan Schroeder from Mashable says "It’s time to toss the old tube to the dumpster." and has a guide on 33 Ways to Watch Free TV Online.

The big issue with IPTV is bandwidth, especially with us Australians who have plans which are capped once your bandwidth allowance has been reached. And being capped is no fun at all.

We can only hope that this might drive the ISPs to up their allowances.

Jun2007 01

{mosimage}Feedburner, the RSS management and advertising service is now part of the Google family.

Mashable reports "It only made sense for Google to buy Feedburner, as it can be integrated with the Google analytics platform, and incorporated into its ads systems as well. Google’s definitely been on a buying spree lately, looking to further bulk up its advertising offerings.

But the best part about Feedburner being added to Google is the many ways in which it could be incorporated into its current offerings, and future growth."

Apr2007 20

{mosimage}RawSugar started as a social bookmarking site, which failed to gain traction, tried paying users, slipped further, fired their employees and sold their assets, got declared dead by the blogosphere and now miraculously start a fresh with an entirely new site.

According to Mashable, "RawSugar is back, baby, and the sequel has more action, more explosions and mindblowing special effects. Or perhaps not. The new version, launched on Thursday night, actually looks more like an off-the-shelf template than ever before. That 1990s stock photography isn’t winning anyone over, either.

The site, now seemingly owned by the book site Suggestica, is composed of user-organized content channels, ranked by popularity. I can only really find one good channel right now - Web 2.0 - and that page just feels kind of Digg-like."

Apr2007 08


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{mosimage}Jaiku (not to be confused with Haiku), is a web site that brings all sorts of different RSS feeds together onto the one page.

You can also do micro-blog-type posts and manage contacts looking at other Jaiku user's feeds.

Click here to check mine out.

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