Sep2010 19

Raider Nation

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Are you ready for some football ?!?

Oh yeah ... Raiders defeat the Rams 16-14.

Jun2008 09

{mosimage}Watch Apple CEO Steve Jobs unveil the latest iPhone and it's software at this year's Apple World Wide Developer Conference keynote address from San Francisco's Moscone West Centre.

A little different this year, not only cos my mate Mojo was in the 10th row and he was at the Snow Leopard launch, but also because the first half of the keynote basically showed off, what they'd already told us before.

However, the best news was with the announcement of the iPhone 3G, which will be available here (Australia) on July 11th. I've already pre-ordered mine through Optus, so it'll be interesting to see what sort of plan (and data) they apply to it -- otherwise, I'll opt to buy it outright, assuming that option is going to be available.

Also, check out this very cool new ad.

Jun2007 12

{mosimage}Watch Apple CEO Steve Jobs unveil and demo Mac OS X Leopard features in his World Wide Developer Conference keynote address from San Francisco's Moscone West.

He also thanks Intel for their support, advised that EA are back with Mac versions of C&C 3 and BF2142, as well a simulation releases of their EA support titles coming to the Mac, John Carmack from ID showed off some new game for the Mac, with more news to come at E3.

Then came Leopard, as Steve showed off a couple of new features such as the New Finder and Quicklook, but the most stunning piece of news was Safari for Windows.

Jan2007 09

{mosimage}This morning at around 3am local time, the Macworld Conference & Expo 2007 kicked off from San Francisco's Moscone West. Click here to watch Steve Jobs in action.

The long and short of it ...

  • The iPhone has finally landed.
  • Apple TV (previously known as the name-brand infringing iTV)
  • New Airport Express featuring the lacklustre 802.11n.

Aug2006 08

Apple WWDC 2006

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{mosimage}"Watch Apple CEO Steve Jobs kick off the company’s annual Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) with a keynote preview of Mac OS X “Leopard” from San Francisco's Moscone West."

See the New Quad Xeon 64 bit Mac Pro machine starting at $3,999 AU and new features in Leopard such as new Front Row, Dashcode, Spaces, VoiceOver, and the very cool Time Machine. I must say, can't wait to have a deeper look at the technology behind it.

Click here to see the keynote event or here for PC Guy's Intro to the WWDC.

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