US National Hot Pepper Day

Oct2011 04, the Australian Paintball Database site, has decided to close it doors after 5-6 years of operation.

Back in the day, I use to play paintball every weekend and it was great. Samford had one of the best fields in Australia and unfortunately, when a thunderstorm damaged their poles and netting, they decided not to repair it -- hence killing off one of the best places to play.

Also during this time, two indoor fields, Velocity and Gord's Indoor were both places we frequented. Unfortunately, both these fields couldn't stay afloat and folded, leaving pretty much nowhere to play paintball.

The PBDB site was left up, as we all hoped that one day, paintball would become viable again but thanks to the lack of fields and the ever restrictive gun license laws in Queensland, the sport was never going to grow.

So, we shed a tear, drink a beer and think of all the good times.

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